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We are one of the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. We have opted top hair transplants surgeons in India for our hair treatment center. It is the biggest non-corporative exclusive optimum hair transplant destination in India. We use cutting edge techniques in hair restoration. It’s a super specialty clinic devoted to high class & offers best hair transplant in India, having several years of experience, incorporates latest, safest and innovative surgical techniques in practice. Get rid of hair fall and baldness problem. The hair loss treatment hospital provides all facilities for your natural hair growth. We are also the Best Hair Transplant clinic in Hyderabad. We have the best hair implant doctors for both men & women. Our hair specialist teams are able to recover damaged hair.

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Realtime Patient Speaks

Raghavendra Hari, IT Consultant - Bangalore

I am 32 year software enginner. I was fully bald from the front and middle. Thanks to Dr Sreedhar Reddy, I am happy now with my new look.

Features of best hair transplant clinic India

The hair clinic is actually advanced altogether aspects and it's systematically manufacturing best results. This centre isn't just for hair transplants however additionally provide medical treatment to stop hair loss and more progression of hairlessness.

We’ve an extremist trendy hospital with subtle instrumentation pass by efficient team of extremely professional and experienced hair transplant surgeons.

Hair transplantation suggests that, transplantation live hair roots onto the bald space. These transplanted hair roots behave within the same manner because the hair from the realm wherever they're extracted. These transplanted hairs once growth are often cut or cut regularly. These may be shampooed or bleached if needed. These hairs don’t need any medicines to take care of the expansion because it happens naturally and permanently. Even once complete shaving or tonsuring, these hairs can grow back and have a tendency to do therefore for the remainder of the life.

Implanted hair roots ought to be bald resistant & these bald resistant hair roots area unit sometimes available on the rear or the scalp sides.

The density of the hair depends on the amount of grafts available per sq. cm. Each sq. cm space of traditional scalp contains over 80 follicular units. Hence, within the bald space, a lot of the quantity of grafts transplanted. Over forty follicular units per sq. cm ought to be planted to provide the natural look. Transplantation around 40 FU s/sq. cm isn't a simple task because it needs ton of technical ability.