Hair Transplant - HYBRID


COMBI Method ( FUT+FUE):

FUT is conventional method of hair transplantation but often termed as golden technique in hair transplant proceedures (till date). Follicular unit extraction or direct extraction method is stichless & scarless Method. COMBI method is combination of both which are performed during the same session (same day). Once combi is performed on a given patient, we can plan another chest or beard session for him on the same day or next day. Its called hybrid.

Why we need Hybrid ?

Example 1:

If a person is bald and requires more than 4500 grafts and his strip can only yield 2500 grafts due to less dense donor / poor skin laxity, then the respective patient cannot wait for 6 months to get his remaining 1500 grafts. But by using HYBRID technique, we can perform FUT first and close the donor using Trychophytic closure and then start extracting grafts using FUE technique and extract about 1500 grafts. By this we can plan 3500 grafts in one single session (same day). Remaining 1000 grafts can be planned on the same day using FUE BEARD or FUE CHEST. We can either plan HYBRID on the same day if patient is co-operative and within the safe anaesthesia dosage, else we can plan his FUE BEARD OR FUE CHEST next day. By this we can harvest total 4500 grafts for the given patient using HYBRID techniques.

Advantages of HYBRID:


Disadvantages of COMBI:

The only dis-advantage of FUT is likely fomation of scar. But it can still be repaired by implanting few hairs in the scar.