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Why Pioneer ?

Double layer trychophytic closure

To perform Trichophytic closure, intricate surgical skills are required. At Pioneer, the highly trained doctor performs perfect trichophytic closures which will leave undetectable scars in the donor area (Exceptions: Patients who have keloid tendency and hypertrophic scar tendency). With double layer trychophytic closure it ensures better closure compared to single layer closure for tough skins.

Extensive Combi Technique

Combi Tq is combining FUT and FUE on the same day on the same patient to extract more grafts in a given single session. Hybrid tqs are used to extract grafts from beard and chest. When you combine both on the same case in consequetive days, its called extensive combi tq. By this we can extract more than 4500 grafts from the same patient in two to three consequetive days. Please stay tuned for more information on this analysis (OR) Contact Dr Sreedhar Reddy for further information.

International / Global sterilization protocols


We at Pioneer, follow strict protocols for sterilization and safety precautions / protocols to avoid infections and hazardous diseases spreading from one patient to other. We use disposables which are either handed over to patient after proceedure or disposed-off. They are never used to again for other patients. Please watch below video to know more about sterilization protocols we follow at our clinic.


Speical Services / protocols for International Clients from over 30+ countries

Pioneer Hair Clinic regularly provide services to international clients and we have specific protocols for international customers and the process is well established and well organized. Well versed and experienced with variety of skin textures and colors.

"Pioneer" performed more than 2800 hair transplant surgeries

Pioneer has a history of operating more than 2800 cases of hair transplantation surgeries for patients coming from different parts of the world till date. At any given day (except for Sundays) interested people can walk in on the live Hair transplantation surgery being performed and will be allowed to talk to the patient. This will not only boost the confidence of the people but will also give them an opportunity to witness the simplicity of the procedure.

To obtain optimum results and for a successful hair transplantation surgery proper evaluation before the transplant and meticulous planning is the most critical part of the hair transplantation procedure. Pioneer has expertise in planning the hair transplantation by looking at the facial architecture and facial profile as the Chief Surgeon Dr. Sreedhar Reddy Pothula is a facial plastic Surgeon.

Pioneer has specific unique techniques to improve natural hair lines, to preserve the extracted grafts, to ensure maximum growth of transplanted hair, with help of state of the art world class latest equipment.

Super Mega Session is where the donor area contributes 3,000 or more hair grafts. Pioneer is an expert at performing Hair Transplant procedures, Mega sessions and also Super Mega Sessions ranging from 1,500 to 4,500 grafts ( i.e approximately 3,000 single follicles to 9,000 single follicles, provided patients have a good donor area) within a timeline 5 to 6 hours (which ensures maximum growth as the shelf life of the hair grafts after extraction is less than 7 to 8 hours and where the time of the hair grafts kept outside the body is inversely proportional to the hair growth). This procedure gives an edge to Pioneer other clinics as it requires an eminent and a highly trained team of 20 or more members.

Pioneer plans to get maximum density by calculating the donor area and the recipient area.

Pioneer is equipped with all the latest surgical instruments and a large team of capable doctors and technicians.

To perform Trichophytic closure, intricate surgical skills are required. At Pioneer, the highly trained doctor performs perfect trichophytic closures which will leave undetectable scars in the donor area (Exceptions: Patients who have keloid tendency and hypertrophic scar tendency).The doctors administer twilight anaesthesia only at Pioneer exclusively, to reduce pain to a great extent during the procedure.

Pioneer team also performs repairing of substandard cases undergone elsewhere along with performing scar revisions.

Operating from a Super Specialty Hospital gives an added advantage to a surgeon as it provides 24/7 emergency services like anaesthetist, intensivist etc. Apart from this, all surgical protocols like sterilization and fumigation processes are followed strictly as a routine protocol unlike smaller clinics.

Pioneer strives to provide utmost care, expert treatment and follow up of the cases to all those seeking hair transplantation surgery at affordable prices.

At Pioneer, as the team has been performing only hair transplantation surgeries from the beginning of the clinic they have obtained mastery in the field.

Pioneer Hair Clinic is operated from the super specialty hospital with classic ambience and hygiene. We have guest house facility attached to our services with landscape garden and swimming pool and 24/7 high end security in the heart of the city. We have Pick-up and drop facilities from Airport to Guest house and clinic (A/C Cab services are utilized for this).

Testimonials :

  • I am Dr Ravi Kumar, I underwent HT at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Center by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. I am very comfortable during and after proceedure. Absolutely no pain. At donor site during harvet too, there was no pain and also during implantation. I am very comfortable now. Now its 7 months and I am happy / satisfied with the proceedure. All my medical fraternity friends were surprised to see my results.
  • Dr Ravi Kumar ( Real name displayed with prior permission )
    [General & Laprascopic Surgeon]
  • Date: 20th April 2012 - Bangalore - India.

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  • I underwent hair transplant surgery at PioneerAdvanced Hair Transplant Centre on 24th May 2011 (first session) and 04 June 2012 (second session) with 2500 and 2290 grafts respectively. Pioneer is the most excellent HairTransplant Centerin India.They gave me the new look in my life.
  • I got very good results in first session with good coverage and growth in front. Now I came for second session to cover the crown/vertex region.
    I have large bald area with big size of head. First time it was FUT and second time it was FUT + FUE combi technique ( parallely at same time ).
  • They provided complete information before transplant and I am very comfortable through-out the proceedure.No pain during the proceedure and No complications.
  • No word to express. I am so happy. The doctor Mr. Sridhar Reddy is very nice guy, and the whole team is very supported to me. Once again many thanks to Dr. Reddy. He is the best and simply superb.
  • My Overall satisfaction level (Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 asbest) is 10 out of 10
  • S. Sri Ganesh ( Real name displayed with prior permission ).
  • GSoft-Tech (Epub and Data conversion) – proprietor
    Date: 15-June-2012 - Pondicherry - India.

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  • I underwent hair transplant surgery, performed by Dr Sreedhar Reddy pothula and team. the only fear i had was of pain and other complications that are usually attached with surgeries. but during my surgery i was completely comfortable and the pain was absolutely minimum. i am very happy with the way my hair grown back and until date i have had no other side effects or any discomfort. i thank Dr sreedhar reddy immensely for his efforts and excellent work.
    General Surgeon

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  • I have undergone hair transplant surgery at your Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre on 12th Oct 2011 with 2500 grafts.
  • The process from arriving at the facility, procedure and post care was very well supported and executed by friendly staff. They were always available and provided responses timely and hence reducing the stress involved in the process.
  • Their answers were real and were not false or made up to please the customer.
  • I selected Sridhar Reddy because he is a surgeon and felt comfortable going under the knife even though the procedure is considered not a major surgery
  • I am in 6th month of after my procedure and seen good growth on transplanted areas and hopeful it will yield better results in the month ahead. This is one of the best decision for me and appreciate all the support and help provided by Sridhar Reddy’s well qualified team
  • SHYAM ( Name changed as per patient's request )
  • System Development Director
    14th Mar 2012, USA